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The more you know about SPP, the more you’ll see how building your future together with thousands of other USW members is the smart, simple way to retirement financial security.

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Steelworkers Pension Plan … Works for Me! – But what exactly does SPP offer to members that’s different from an RRSP or other retirement programs? How does that “uniqueness” translate into benefits for its members? To find out, we sent our “roving reporter” to talk with SPP plan members to find out what they like most about being part of SPP. Here’s what we heard.

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Steelworkers Pension Plan … Protecting Your Future – Saving for retirement is hard. As a start, it’s tough enough just to find money to put away for the future and direct to your savings. Then, once you make the contributions, it can be harder still to resist the urge to dip into that balance for impulse buys or even to support your current lifestyle needs.

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Steelworkers Pension Plan … It Works for Members and Employers – Predictable pension benefits for members. Predictable contributions for employers. Target Benefit (TB) Pension Plans offer a balanced approach that solves the challenges of more traditional pension plans and make it easier for more Canadians to earn pension benefits in the future.

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Steelworkers Pension Plan … Reducing Risk with a Multi-Employer, Target Benefit Pension! – A multi-employer pension arrangement offers benefits for members by reducing risk and providing pension stability. And, a target benefit pension offers employers protection against long-term risks and liabilities.

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