Why our plan?

When your USW unit joins the Steelworkers Pension Plan (SPP), you’re joining thousands of USW members who know that working together is the best way to build for themselves and their families.

At SPP, we believe that your years of hard work should pay off, so our plan offers you a secure retirement income for as long as you live. And we make it easy to save for your future. Contributions negotiated by the union are sent automatically by employers to SPP and, along with all our other members’ funds, are expertly invested to generate a lifetime pension for members. SPP is a simple, smart solution for USW members who want to feel confident about their financial security in their retirement.

You count on USW to protect your best interests in the workplace and you can count on SPP to do the same all the way through retirement.

We had a group RRSP plan but felt we had to get away from everything being controlled by the employer. SPP is run by USW members for USW members and you know we can trust the people managing it to do the right thing.”

Mark Arsenault, USW Local 5319

Here’s what makes SPP such a good choice —

Real retirement security

When you retire, you’ll get a pension cheque every month for your entire life.

Predictable retirement income

Our target benefit formula allows you to estimate  your future retirement pension income.

A worry-free solution

Our investment professionals manage the pooled contributions and make the tough investment decisions for you and other members.

Professional Investment Management

SPP’s expert managers keep the Plan financially healthy while relieving you of the difficulty and risk of managing your own funds.

Secure funding

With dozens of employers making contributions, the security of your pension is not tied directly to the continued operation of your employer.

Trusted governance

All aspects of the plan are overseen by members of USW, many of whom are also SPP members.

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