SPP Investment Profile

The SPP Trustees are well aware of the importance that their governance of the Plan’s investment portfolio plays in the future financial wellbeing of all Plan members. They work with a respected pension investment consultant to select tier one investment managers, set clear investment parameters for them, and closely monitor their performance.

Asset Managers

  • Connor, Clark & Lunn — Canadian equities
  • PH & N Investment Services — fixed income (corporate and government bonds)
  • Mawer Investment Management — foreign equities (outside the US)
  • TD Asset Management — Canadian real estate and US equities
  • Northleaf Capital Partners — private corporate debt.


To manage risk and secure the ongoing financial health of the Plan, SPP maintains a well-diversified portfolio.

Steelworkers Pension Plan Policy Asset Mix

30% – Canadian Equities

15% – US Equities

10% – International Equities

25% – Fixed Income

15% – Canadian Real Estate

5% – Private Debt


SPP Investment Returns by calendar year (%)

Gross returns, before management fees

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